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I’m Claudette Jordan, Psychologist, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Public Speaker. I am a registered practitioner (Health Professions Council of South Africa) in private practice with multifaceted clinical experience working with individuals, couples, families, groups and corporates. My Health and Wellness coaching is informed by a Functional Medicine perspective and I hold a certification from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (USA) in affiliation with the Institute for Functional Medicine. I am also a Licensed HeartMath Coach with the HeartMath Institute.

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I am a passionate wife, mom, friend and therapist who loves the outdoors, exercise, crafting, food, family time and being with those I love. I have been in private practice for over 20 years after completing my Masters and Internship at the University of KZN (June 2000)

Claudette Jordan

My Perspective

I believe in the transformative power of psychotherapy and coaching and am passionate about facilitating a process whereby individuals can face their challenges and find strategies that lead to a greater sense of wholeness, healing, optimal health and freedom.

I love to see people succeed at being themselves and find peace with where they have come from and how it has impacted their lives and well-being. Each of us has enormous potential to create something beautiful in life. Therapy and coaching are often about finding the path to discovering our true selves and purpose while working through the challenges that we all inevitably face.
The image of the butterfly struggling inside the chrysalis is so poignant of the therapy/coaching process. In life there are situations, people, circumstances and beliefs that will challenge each of us and cause us to struggle. But often it is this process of struggle that strengthens us and empowers us to break free and reach our full potential.


FM Health Coaching

My aim is to create a safe and conducive space for individuals to engage with their emotional and health challenges in a manner that facilitates change. Therapy and coaching should above all else be an empowering experience calling out the hidden strength and potential in all of us. It is exciting to be an agent of change providing support, effective psychological and coaching skills and tools that people need to transform into the best version of themselves.

During the course of my more than 20 years of practice, I have had the privilege of forming valuable relationships with many medical, health and allied health professionals with whom I enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team to provide a holistic approach.

Psychoeducation is also a passion and I frequently provide public addresses, workshops and contribute to printed and social media on various aspects of mental health, wellbeing, optimal health and lifestyle.

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You sometimes get those moments in your life when you feel like the value that something has added to your life exceeds what you paid for it. Sometimes, you read a book and you think, “ I don’t know that I paid enough for this book”, in terms of the value that it adds, and it was the same sense that I got with this coaching program. I really think that as women we really need to stop, pause and catch our breath so that we can think about our long term health and move forward in a healthy way.

Dr Alicia Porter psychiatrist
Fabulous 40s coaching participant.

FM health coaching has helped me to focus on the information relevant to me and remove the noise. My experience has been incredible and the Fabulous 40s coaching program it has provided me with insight that has enabled me to have been able shift my overall health and wellbeing – I have been able to be conscious about my eating habits, change my sleep routine and even start an exercise routine. Having a group of ladies to support and hold me accountable on my journey has been motivating and effective. The outcomes have been ongoing even beyond the program and I have been able to continue implementing the tools learnt.

Callie B, South Africa

Functional Medicine Health Coaching has helped me so much with my mindset and I have learnt improvement over perfection. This realization and mindfulness have been incredibly freeing for me. I would recommend FM health coaching to anyone who is overwhelmed by the incredible amount of information that is out there. This form of health coaching is focused on the facts and encourages you to be the healthiest version of yourself, and even when working in a group, it is still focused on your individual journey.

Samantha G, South Africa

I have partnered with Claudette in securing a holistic and integrated range of employee wellness services with extremely positive outcomes. Her passion and commitment to strengthening the psychological wellbeing of individual employees motivated them to establish and maintain healthy wellbeing. Her multimodal expertise and skills are truly impactful and it transforms the performs of individuals by changing how they think, feel and behave.

Samantha Rajcoomar
Employee Wellness Specialist, South Africa

It’s a safe place to sort through the muddle and confusion that events, people and emotions create.

Gill H, South Africa

Claudette helped me through a very trying time in my life and gave me the necessary tools and thinking patterns as well as solutions to cope with the everyday battles I faced. Thank you Claudette for everything you’ve done!

Leila N, South Africa

I’d Love to Help



In my private practice, I provide online psychotherapy for adolescents, adults, couples and families. My approach is eclectic and client-centred and dependent on the individual’s needs and goals.

Private practice

  • Adolescent and adult therapy addressing difficulties such as anxiety, depression, adjustment, self-esteem, divorce, trauma, grief and addiction
  • Couple and pre-marital therapy, family therapy

More About Online Therapy

Corporate Services

Facilitating good mental health in the workplace is one of my passions and I enjoy partnering with businesses to work within the current or create virtual employee wellness programs.


  • Individual and group counselling for employees at all levels within organisations/businesses
  • Individual and team development and training (leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, team building)
  • Presentations and workshops on various topics related to overall emotional health, mental well-being and productivity

Creating a branch of practice to include Health and Wellness coaching was a natural fit for me. Firstly, throughout my years of practice as a psychologist I have always maintained an integrative and holistic approach to understanding and working with my patients, providing psycho-education on “wellness” versus “illness” and a focus on lifestyle management for optimal mental health. However, a second and fundamental motivator for this practice integration was walking through my own health struggles and ongoing healing journey.

Apart from individual bespoke coaching programs that can be tailor-made to suit your health and wellness goals or that of your family/organization, I have developed foundational coaching programs designed to help you transform your health and your life in the following key areas : Women’s Health, Mental Health and General Well-Being and Autoimmune, Thyroid and Adrenal Health.

Corporate Services

Individual as well as Group coaching is available for both small groups (6 to 8 people) or larger groups and corporations. Choose from the available coaching programs or one can be tailored specifically for the group’s needs. All programs are designed from an integrative and Functional Medicine perspective with the primary aim of achieving, improving, and sustaining overall health and wellness. Focus is on multifaceted lifestyle adjustments including nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, and relationships.

Workshops, Masterclasses and Other Resources

Workshops and Masterclasses on a wide variety of topics related to mental health as well as general health and wellbeing are available. Bespoke programs can also be developed to suit your organizational or event needs.

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